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By Car

info: Tel. +385 1 4640800

Zagreb 270 km
Amsterdam 1595 km
Bern 1010 km
Bratislava 675 km
Bruxelles 1550 km
Budapest 615 km
Frankfurt 1155 km
Graz 450 km
Ljubljana 335 km
Milano 705 km
Paris 1545 km
Praha 930 km
Wien 635 km

By Plane

Airport Zemunik 25 km

By Ship

International Ferry Lines - Info:
Ancona - Zadar  
Ancona - Split  

By Bus

Intercity Bus Lines - Info:
Zaton - Zadar 25 km

Croatia Info

Total (land) area 56.610 km²
Population (last census) 4.784.265
Length of Coastline (mainline) 1.778 km
Area of Coastline (islands) 4.012 km
Number of Islands and Isles 1.185 (66 inhabited)

The best period to visit our coast is from April to October. Peak temperatures in high season summer months (July, August) can reach 38°C (100°F), and the water surface at that point reaches a comfortable 26°C (79°F). High season has its obvious advantages for people looking for fun and excitement and disadvantages for others, but in Croatia you can always find some nice hidden place if you want to sleep far from loud music.
Spring starting in March can bring some rain showers, but the autumn months, September and October, are ideal for travel if you want to relax. In the off season the beaches are less crowded and the prices drop, weather, however, remains stable and the water is still agreeably warm.
Generally, you can travel along the Croatian coast at any time of the year. During winter season, however, you should pack some warm clothing in spite of the mild Mediterranean climate. The temperatures seldom drop below the freezing point but some winds might be unpleasant in the winter.